Tia Roper, flutist

"When teaching, I completely focus on the student, giving full attention to the development and improvement of their skill while maintaining a fun learning environment,” says Tia of her pedagogical approach.

With younger children, Tia focuses on positive reinforcement. "I begin by approaching the visual aspect of the instrument ...connecting the fingers and keys, hand-eye coordination, and the actual creation of the sound."   


Tia also works with adults, customizing a lesson plan based on their aspirations. "If they wanted to be able to learn the flute for personal enjoyment, I would select a collection of studies and music that they are very interested in pursuing. If they wanted to be able to play along witht their community band or church choir, I would emphasize the literature of that genre." With all students, however, Tia accentuates that music making should be an enjoyable experience!

photos by: Chen Chu