Tia Roper, flutist

Flute Symposium in Spain

Join me for The Barcelona Flute Symposium April 1st-6th, 2019!
  • Master Classes/Workshops & Individual/Chamber Music Coaching
  • Music Excursions to include entrance to the BCN Museum of Music and a tour of a traditional Catalan flute-maker atelier
  • Concert at Sagrada Familia

For a complete itinerary and more information, please visit: https://www.adlermarlow.com/flute-symposium
With the picturesque backdrop of Spain’s Catalonia region as your inspiration, expand your flute playing and repertoire through daily classes, performances, and seminars.
Explore and enjoy the beautiful sights of Barcelona! 

The Barcelona Flute Symposium is a 6-day flute workshop led by celebrated flutist Tia Roper with premium accommodations and Catalan excursions arranged by Adler & Marlow.